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One Special Trailcam visitor.

I left my trail-cam at a spot close to our home in the bush. Probably less than 500 meters from my house. I wanted to see what animals are this close, but I also just left it out, because I was a little indecisive about where to put it. So I didn’t expect much. 

There is something about my trail cam that triggers some animals to come and look at it. I am not sure what. I do not put out food or anything else. So either it makes a noise or it has a smell that interests them, I think. 

This morning much to my surprise I found these pictures of a Thick-Tailed Bushbaby or Greater Galago. 

Very inquisitive Thick-tailed Bushbaby. 

After I found these pics, I did take my camera off and moved it to a spot far away in the bush. Looking forward to see what I will find next. 

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