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Tuesday Trailcam-Takes, Aardvark! A trailcam mammal-lifer.

My trail camming posts are starting off with a bang in 2019. I finally found an animal I have been hoping to capture for so long, an Aardvark. It was the most exciting thing I have found in a long time and to top that, the Aardvark was very curiously pushing his/her nose into the camera.

This spot really delivered when it came to diversity. We are currently getting loads of rain, so the road is basically a dam just after it rained. I left the camera a few days and besides the Aardvark, I found several Large Spotted Genets, an African Wildcat, a hare, a very large rat (Your welcome to help me out on the species in the comments if you know), a Common Buzzard taking a sip from the rainwater puddle on the road and also a Slender Mongoose. I hope you enjoy the video I have compiled.

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