Volhoubare Vrydae: Nuus


I am not affiliated with Faithful-to-nature in any way, but in 2018 their search for a new ambassador inspired me to live better and therefore I would like to tell you about it and challenge you to make some ‘green’ changes in your own life this year.

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Faithful-to-nature is opsoek na ‘n ambassadeur vir die jaar 2019.

Sien skakel na kompetisie >> I am faithful-to-nature – Ambassadeur soektog

Ek het laasjaar ingeskryf en dit het my geinspireer om my groen leefstyl ‘n paar trappies op te skuif. Ek neem nie die jaar deel aan die kompetisie, maar wil jou aanspoor om te gaan kyk na die inskrywings en inspirasie te vind. Ons is deur God op die aarde geplaas en het ‘n groot verantwoordelikheid om die skepping te versorg. Gaan vertel op Facebook, Instagram of Twitter onder die hutsmerk #iamfaithfultonature wat jy doen om na die aarde om te sien en jy kan hul Ambassadeur word en R24000 se produkte wen. Kry jou inskrywing in voor 14 Februarie om middernag.

Waar is ek in die reis na ‘n groener lewe? Ek is stadig groeiend in regte rigting. My filosofie is, elke klein besluit maak ‘n verskil. Soos jy kan sien in die foto’s hieronder is ek op geen manier perfek nie, maar tog maak die klein goedjies ‘n verskil.

Here are some of the areas in which I try to make a difference.

Faithful-to-nature has launched a search for an ambassador for the
year 2019

Click on the link to get the competition details: >> I am Faithful-to-nature
Ambassador search.

Last year I entered the competition and it inspired me to take my green
lifestyle up a few notches. This year I am not taking part in the competition,
but I would like to encourage you to go and have a look at the entries and be
inspired. We have been placed on this earth by God and we have a huge
responsibility to look after creation. Go and share your own journey of caring for the earth on FacebookTwitter or Instagram under the hashtag #iamfaithfultonature. You can become their ambassador and win R24000. Get your entries in before 14 February, midnight.

Where am I on my own journey? I am steadily growing in the right direction.
My philosophy is, every small decision makes a difference. As you can see in the pictures included in this post, I am no where near perfect and yet every small thing makes a difference. 





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  1. Disposable nappies are oh so convenient yet BAD for the environment. In our day they were so expensive one used them sparingly and the norm was a bucket of steri-nappy and lots of cloth nappies – it worked!

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