Tuesday Trailcam-takes: Mr Civet and some Mongoose antics.

I really had fun finding this weeks video although I was very disappointed that the weather has misted up the lens of the camera.

It has been raining like crazy and I am thankful to still have my camera. One of the members of our Facebook Trailcam group has not been so lucky. Aruna’s trail camera got caught in a flood. We are all holding thumbs that the camera will still work after this. Click on the link to see the image. >>A trailcam group member’s drowned Trailcam. 

If you haven’t joined our Trailcam group go and have a look at the stunning images that people capture all over Southern Africa and there is loads more coming. >>Trailcamming in Southern Africa.

So back to this weeks post. I found a lovely Civet and a group of Banded Mongooses. I loved listening to their twitters and was totally surprised that one decided to stick its little face into my camera and scratch it. (I could see no scratches or physical damage to the camera when I fetched the memory card.) I always wonder if it is the smell of the camera or if it is a noise or a light that intrigues the animals so much. What do you think?

Unfortunately, the batteries of the camera must have moved at some point, because the date was set back to 2017 March, I haven’t even had my camera at that time, the footage was taken this past week.

Here is the video which I uploaded to my YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy the splendid Mongoose conversation as much as I did.


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