Volhoubare Vrydae – Ecosia jy? / Do you Ecosia?

For English scroll down.

Wat is Ecosia. Kom ek raai. Jou soek enjin rym met kaboedel. Wel as jy ‘n verskil wil maak, kan jy gerus opgradeer. (Moenie bekommerd wees nie, dis gratis)

Ecosia is ‘n soekenjin wat sy wins gebruik om bome aan te plant waar dit nodig is. Hulle beweer dat hul al oor 50 miljoen bome geplant het en dit gaan steeds voort. Groen wees kan nie makliker wees as dit nie, waarvoor wag jy? Verander jou tuisblad en maak ‘n verskil!


What is Ecosia? Let me guess. Your search engine rhymes with caboodle. Well, if you want to make a difference, don’t hesitate to upgrade. (It’s free, don’t worry)

Ecosia is a search engine which uses its profit to plant trees where needed. They reckon that to date they have planted 50 million trees and counting. Being green has never been this easy. What are you waiting for? Change that homepage!


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