Sustainable Saturdays – 8 Gift ideas for a Greenie

Many people trying to live a more sustainable life suggests to quit giving gifts, but what if gifts are your love language? Sometimes we just want to give something to show our love. Gifts don’t have to be wasteful, consumeristic items wrapped in plastic and handed over with big balloons.

Here are some ideas for gifts that won’t hurt the planet or feed the monster.

  • 1. Firstly, you could ask them if there is anything that they want. “It’s your birthday/Christmas/your wedding soon, is there anything on your wish-list?” Your risk of wasting is the lowest by just asking… If they say nothing please and you still feel like giving or if you would like to keep it a surprise move-on to the next ideas.
  • 2.Gift them heirloom vegetable seeds. Those pepper seeds that your grandmother grew with great success year-after-after year or that special bean variety that you got from a friend. If you don’t own any awesome heirloom seeds, there are companies that specifically sell seeds that have been passed on with generations.
Yard Bean seeds I got from a friend.
  • 3. Give them a virtual voucher to their favourite sustainable-living store. On their special day give them a hug and say “I have sent you a mail.” That way they can stock up on exactly what they want or need and nothing gets wasted, not even printed voucher paper.
  • 4. Give an indigenous or fruit tree. Indigenous because they are water-friendly and pro-animal life or fruit because growing food is never a bad idea. Even if they live in a small or rented apartment, greenies find great pleasure in planting trees everywhere. Last week my husband arrived home with a couple of Cashew trees on the back of his vehicle. We don’t own the property where we live and who knows if we will ever get the chance to eat those cashews, but what an awesome gift and someone will surely enjoy them one day.
  • 5. Donate money to a charity of their choice and tell them. Maybe they have a particular soft spot for the local animal shelter, alley-cat initiative or waste-food soup kitchen, ask them and spread the happiness.
  • 6. Gift an awesome experience. Just yesterday I saw a Facebook friend and his wife enjoying a river-tubing experience that was gifted to them on their wedding. What a fantastic idea. Gift someone a ticket to concert or book an adventure there are so many options available.
Here are Peter Rodda and his wife Lizani enjoying their wedding gift!
  • 7. Gift them your time. Make time to do something with them. It could be however big or small you wish. Go take a bread-baking course, have coffee at their favourite restaurant or go away for a weekend.
  • 8. Do an act of service. Wash their car, cook their favourite meal or offer to drive them to work for a week (fuel is expensive these days).

Do you have more ideas for sustainable gifts? Please leave them in the comment section.


2 thoughts on “Sustainable Saturdays – 8 Gift ideas for a Greenie

  1. These are all excellent ideas. Giving of one’s time is among the best: these days it is so easy to Whatsapp, phone or to email even, so going out for tea/coffee with a friend has become a real face-to-face treat.


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