Tuesday Trailcam-Takes, What happens at the Civet midden?

I have, after many months of looking for one, finally found a Civet midden. I have been walking past it for a few weeks while I kept my camera at the same spot. This was the spot where I found the Serval, you can see the pictures here. Serval on my trailcam

Everyday I check the midden to see if something had visited. What amazed me is exactly how fast the dung beetles and insects make work of breaking down the dung in the midden. There might be fresh dung in the morning and be the evening it will be mostly spread out and by the next morning it is just a heap of seeds and Millipede rings. (Millipedes are an important part of Civet’s diet and where have plenty Millipedes here!) Seeing how fast the insects work made me realise why it had been so difficult to spot a midden before.

Here are the first pictures I have captured at the midden. Surprisingly the only animal that has actually used the midden this past week, was a Large-spotted Genet. When I checked the camera the morning after I first set out the camera, I saw the smaller droppings than the previous time and wondered who was the visitor.

All the other animals were simple captured passing the midden and not using it, it seems to be a busy road.

Please let me know if you can see all the images in the slideshow? Previously there has been issues with it.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Trailcam-takes from the Govuro district in Mozambique. For more stories like this, you follow this blog by subscribing with your e-mail address in the top left-hand of the page.


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