Sustainable Saturdays

Are your cleaning product safe and environmentally friendly?

Mrs Martin’s and Microbes.

Read the Afrikaans version of this article here.

The complete Mrs Martin’s Microbes starter pack.

How many of the products you use in your home has large danger signs on the back of the bottle? These are the products you wash your dishes with, clean your oven with and throw all over your floors and every surface in your house. With many of these products, the smell alone is enough to make you sick.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the bush or in the city, a bio-degradable, safe cleaning products stays the best option.

We, the people of Southern Africa, love the great outdoors and nature. We are passionate about conservation and fume at the thought of rhino poaching, but we sometimes forget that nature conservation starts at home.  It starts with the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Mrs Martin’s Microbes are responsible, intelligent and safe!

So how does it work? An active indigenous bacteria produce enzymes that can clean dirt. Please note that the bacteria are indigenous to the Southern part of Africa, this means that it will also work in countries neighbouring South Africa, like Mozambique, where I am already using it.

It is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and contains no harmful chemicals.

My personal favourite is her product, Odour. In a farmhouse, there is always something that could possibly smell. I use it on our cat litter between changes, on my laundry basket with cloth nappies when it has to stand a day or two, where my toddler spills something that could smell, like milk and just about everywhere. This past summer with all the rain made my couches smell mouldy. I sprayed lightly with Odour and the smell was gone. It has a light and subtle fragrance and works really well.

Odour, my personal favourite product of Mrs Martin’s Microbes

These days there are many eco-friendly products on the market. What made Mrs Martins stand out for me is the competitive pricing. Green products are often much more expensive than their mainstream counterparts. This is not the case with Mrs Martin’s Microbes, go and look for yourself!

Mrs Martin’s Microbes Shop


6 thoughts on “Sustainable Saturdays

      1. Good to know you like this range. Btw we use a laundry liquid produced by NuEco, which we like. Can get it at some Spar shops and some health shops else online at Faithful to Nature. (It can be available in 5 litres.)


  1. These products that I’ve used are awesome, ecofriendly and safe. Thank you, Mrs Martin 😊👌👏😊❤ Love your products!!

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