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Liza M Roux

Author of children's books, copywriter and social media manager. I am currently living in rural Mozambique, Southern Africa with my husband, our daughter and an arrangement of pets in the African bush.
I love to write about Eco, Nature and Rural experiences specifically in the Southern part of Africa.
This blog is my passion project where I love sharing my own stories, but also those of other inspirational human beings in the conservation fields or who lives in the countryside of Southern Africa.

Country People – Meet Kristi Garland, Wakkerstroom

A local resident once said ‘There is magic in the air in Wakkerstroom. If it grabs you, you will fall in love and never leave’, and so it is that many residents have settled in the charming village of Wakkerstroom, which is set in a beautiful valley in Southern Mpumalanga. This rings so true in the hearts of those who call Wakkerstroom their home.

Happy 2019

I wish you all a fantastic 2019. Thank you for reading my stories, I love sharing them with you. I am full of inspiration and very excited to bring you loads of stories of our lives here in Mozambique, lots of exciting finds from the trail-cam on Tuesdays, […]

Reflections on 2018

I don’t even know where to start with this year. What a year it’s been, it feels much longer than a year and at the same time, I question how is it over already? I’ve been blogging on and off since 2014, but after various work-frustrations, I decided […]