Introducing Country People

If you know me well, you know that I love people and people energize me. As much as I love to have peace and quiet, I also love sitting in a busy place looking at the buzz of people around me. I love sitting at a big table and everyone is talking at same time. I love sitting around the campfire with people and sharing stories of our day. I love laughing with friends. I love that we are all so different and yet how something like a love for the outdoors, adventure and the countryside can draw us together despite our differences.

I would like to introduce you to Country People. The people that first of all, have a great love for nature and the outdoors. Some of these people are living in the country and others are the ones making the country living more enjoyable. People living in small towns, nature reserves and rural areas and also nature guides, zero wasters, authors and activists and many more.

I want you to meet the people that love living in the countryside and enjoy rural living. I want to give you a feel of why living in the countryside is best and which places are the best in South Africa and why do people enjoy living there. I want to introduce people to you who love the outdoors and who love living a slow life in Southern Africa.

I will be publishing this new category on my blog called Country People. On Wednesdays, you can celebrate with me the people that love being outside, nature, adventure, and conservation. People who live in the country or in rural areas and who love what they are doing.

Safari Guide and Nature Vlogger, Liaan Lategan interviewed me and I would like to start this section with by showing you the face and voice behind my stories. I hope you enjoy.