Country Living in Southern Africa

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I love sharing with you the lifestyle that everyone is craving. A slow life, with time watch sunrises and sunsets. A life where you live of the land. Quietness at night, with only the sounds of the wildlife around your house.

I live in rural Mozambique with my husband and 2-year-old daughter and our pets. My husband is managing a cattle ranch and we are currently adapting here as South African Expats.

Here are some of the topics I regularly post on.

(I won’t post about all topics every week, but these are the days you can expect the topics to be posted on)

Mondays I post about our life here on the farm.

>>On the farm

Tuesdays are Trailcam days, where I share my motion censored camera’s wildlife finds on the farm where we live.


If you live in Southern Africa also join our Trailcamming group here

>> Trailcamming in Southern Africa Facebook Group

Wednesdays are for Country People Interviews – I introduce you to the people that live in the countryside and rural Southern Africa.

>>Country People

Thursdays are for all other topics, travel, guest bloggers and everything else that comes up, read my all time favourite story here

>> Raising a Spotted Hyena

Fridays and Saturdays are for posts on a greener life, Fridays, under the theme ‘Volhoubare Vrydae’ and Saturdays under the theme ‘Sustainable Saturdays.’

>>Green life

Sundays are my rest days. I try to take a total break from all social media on Sundays to spend time in the presence of our Creator to enjoy a new week with a refreshed mind.

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