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Liza M Roux

I enjoy life in the countryside of Southern Africa. Currently living in Mozambique. I am married and live with my husband, our daughter and an arrangement of pets. Wherever I find myself, I look to enjoy things that are close to nature, earthy, wild and represent a well balanced life. I love writing about anything that inspires me to write. Some of the topics I have written about are animals, birds, wildlife, places, food, travelling, hiking, gardening or shopping. I deliberately make time to enjoy the good in life and love to share my passion with you. I have recently published my first children's storybook, 'We are going to Kruger National Park'.

Sourdough Hot Cross Buns

Here is the recipe for sourdough hot cross buns which I promised on my Instagram Page. If you don’t have a sour dough starter, you can follow the instructions to start one here. Step-by-step Sourdough For my basic bread, water and salt sourdough recipe click here. Baking bread […]