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Liza M Roux

I enjoy life in the countryside of Southern Africa. Currently living in Mozambique. I am married and live with my husband, our daughter and an arrangement of pets. Wherever I find myself, I look to enjoy things that are close to nature, earthy, wild and represent a well balanced life. I love writing about anything that inspires me to write. Some of the topics I have written about are animals, birds, wildlife, places, food, travelling, hiking, gardening or shopping. I deliberately make time to enjoy the good in life and love to share my passion with you. I have recently published my first children's storybook, 'We are going to Kruger National Park'.

Kinderstorieboek – Voetspore in die Fynbos

Ek sien gereeld hoe ouers, oupas, oumas, onderwysers en meer soek na Afrikaanse kinderstories. Nie net sommer enige stories nie, maar stories wat oorspronklik is en uniek is aan ons Suid Afrikaanse kultuur en landskap.
Voetspore in die Fynbos is só ʼn storie, maar dit is ook veel meer as dit. Dit is ʼn 3-in-1 boek, propvol feite en aktiwiteite en ʼn lekker-lees storie met kleurvolle illustrasies.