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The Tortoises have finally awoken


Or maybe, I have only started seeing them now? We have some tortoises that frequent our garden. I haven’t seen them since the previous summer. The tortoises in our area, hibernate through winter and today, for the first time in months, I noticed one that walked straight into out little dam to drink water. And…

Waiting for summer

I try to embrace the moment and live every second to the fullest, but there is no hiding my feelings on this: I love summer. Summer in the Eastern Freestate is green and colourful with flowers, green grass, lots of baby animals, lots of rain, lots of sun and… a booming vegetable garden. And the…

Chipo, my gift from God.

When my husband and I arrived in the Free State in April 2012, things were difficult for me. I grew up in Pretoria, then worked in Nylstroom for some time, moved to Hoedspruit, where I got married to my husband and we moved to the Eastern Free State together for a job opportunity. I did not…

An introduction to my pets


We live with two permanent pets. An Australian Cattle Dog, called Tikka and a beautiful ginger cat, called Felix. Tikka is a very active and very loving dog. He is now 2,3 years . He loves chasing warthog and springbuck, going on game drives and stealing game meat if he gets a chance. Felix is…

A Game Drive and some Buffalo

Sundown spot

Yesterday afternoon my sister-in-law and her husband came to visit and we went on a game drive. Even though the trees are getting leaves, the bush is still very, very dry and we are praying for rain. Here are some pictures of the farm and the buffaloes we saw. Enjoy them. Liza.

Purple Onion, Butternut & Tarragon Omelette ©

The Omelet

My post about the Tarragon yesterday inspired this recipe. Purple Onion, Butternut & Tarragon Omelette Ingredients: Eggs to make the omelettes 1/2 Purple onion, sliced 1/4 of a small butternut, diced into small blocks 4 Strips of shoulder bacon, diced into small blocks 2 twigs of fresh tarragon Mascarpone style cream cheese Salt & Pepper to…

A Short Visual Introduction

Giraffe on the farm

I live on a beautiful farm in the Eastern Free State. I hope to share a bit of my life and living my dream with you. Tonight I just want to share four images that I took on the farm, to start of the journey.