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An update on settling into our new home in Mozambique

I can’t believe we have been in Mozambique for over a month already. Our new house is starting to feel like my home, our vegetables are growing slowly but surely and I can at least greet people in Portuguese. This past month has been lovely and busy.  I am constantly planting more vegetables and hope…

An introduction to my pets


We live with two permanent pets. An Australian Cattle Dog, called Tikka and a beautiful ginger cat, called Felix. Tikka is a very active and very loving dog. He is now 2,3 years . He loves chasing warthog and springbuck, going on game drives and stealing game meat if he gets a chance. Felix is…

A Short Visual Introduction

Giraffe on the farm

I live on a beautiful farm in the Eastern Free State. I hope to share a bit of my life and living my dream with you. Tonight I just want to share four images that I took on the farm, to start of the journey.