An update on settling into our new home in Mozambique

I can’t believe we have been in Mozambique for over a month already.

Our new house is starting to feel like my home, our vegetables are growing slowly but surely and I can at least greet people in Portuguese.


This past month has been lovely and busy.  I am constantly planting more vegetables and hope to start harvesting more than just spinach shortly.

My pets, two dogs a dachshund, Chocolate and an Australian Cattle Dog, Tikka and our two cats Felix and Lexi have adapted well. It’s like they have never even moved. Two days and the cats were already part of the scene and friends with the local (grumpy) cat. Luckily the cats are all spayed and neutered. Chocolate loves going on little explorations and Tikka loves the cattle, even though he is not trained to work with them. The heat is the only thing bothering them and there are solutions for that too 🙂


My daughter loves it here. Outside, as always, is her favourite place to be.


I have started walking again and my bird list is ever growing. My husband radioed me one day, he saw Ground Hornbills close to home, he quickly fetched my daughter and me at home and we were able to see them too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even get a blurry photo, we saw them and then they were gone. Despite my best efforts I haven’t heard or seen them again… yet.

I also put my trail cam up and I simply cannot wait to show you all the interesting animals that are around when we are not.  Animals that I have seen when out walking or driving are Nyala, Kudu, Chacma baboons and a few squirrels.  I have actually managed to find a beautiful Fruitbat during the day.


They are the most adorable little things and their sounds will have to be one of my favourite bushveld nighttime sounds.  I have seen some interesting tracks and think that the trail cam is going to help me find their owners.

We have met a few South African expats on an investors meeting and are hoping to meet more soon.

We have also had our first off-weekend and spent it in Inhassoro, which I will write about in a separate blog post.

Slowly but surely we are building our new life and home here in Mozambique.




9 thoughts on “An update on settling into our new home in Mozambique

  1. Good on you for finding the fruit bat! They swoop all over our garden – especially when the figs are ripe – but I see no sign of where they roost. I hope you see the Ground Hornbills again soon!

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