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CocoPecanNutCookies – Low Carb, High Fat ©

Cookies in a jar

Today I made up a recipe for cookies with common ingredients in low carb/high fat cookies. After I made them, I put them in the refrigerator to set and went shopping. Shopping takes some time, since the closest decent grocer is 60km away. Nevertheless, when I came back and wanted to photograph the cookies, there…

Purple Onion, Butternut & Tarragon Omelette ©

The Omelet

My post about the Tarragon yesterday inspired this recipe. Purple Onion, Butternut & Tarragon Omelette Ingredients: Eggs to make the omelettes 1/2 Purple onion, sliced 1/4 of a small butternut, diced into small blocks 4 Strips of shoulder bacon, diced into small blocks 2 twigs of fresh tarragon Mascarpone style cream cheese Salt & Pepper to…