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Country People – Meet Juliet Lyon Edwards, Vilanculos

Meet Juliet Lyon, Director of ParCo (Parceiros Comunitários or Community Partners), an organization she started in Vilankulo.


Reflections on 2018

I don’t even know where to start with this year. What a year it’s been, it feels much longer than a year and at the same time, I question how is it over already? I’ve been blogging on and off since 2014, but after various work-frustrations, I decided to start blogging on a more full-time…

An update on settling into our new home in Mozambique

I can’t believe we have been in Mozambique for over a month already. Our new house is starting to feel like my home, our vegetables are growing slowly but surely and I can at least greet people in Portuguese. This past month has been lovely and busy.  I am constantly planting more vegetables and hope…

Country People – Meet Zoë Dednam, Vilanculos Mozambique

Even though I have recently moved and now live a bit closer to her now, Zoë is one of my Instagram finds. She lives in a beautiful and idyllic place and I have asked her a few questions to share with you. Where do you work/live?  My husband and I manage a private beach house…