World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment day – Connect with Nature, I made a short list of easy things you can do to be a more responsible citizen.

  1. Get a water-bottle – Take your own water from home, so you never need to buy plastic bottled water.
  2. Take your own shopping bags, build up a collection of colourful cloth and canvas bags and pack your shopping into them. You will save many, bring less clutter in your home and you will feel good about it.
  3. Switch off – Plug out. Easy as that, whatever is not in use switch off.
  4. Recycle, even if it is just one item to start with, something easy like tins and cans. It is a start and less items in a landfill.
  5. Double purpose – Buy a loyalty card to a local nature reserve, botanical garden or park. The fees will pay for conservation and you will have incentive to shut down and connect with nature.

Enjoy World Environment day.


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