Discover the Roasters of coffee in Bloemfontein (*Bloemfontein Coffee experience Giveaway competition*)

The city of Roses has a new fragrance,

Or should I rather say aroma…


As the coffee industry in South Africa is growing, the city of Bloemfontein is getting some extra love. This city that sometimes still feels like a town has now got 4 coffee roasters, various little coffee shops and the second of 2 public coffee events, The Bloemfontein Coffee Extravaganza, is planned for the next week Saturday the 18th of August. Earlier this year we enjoyed the Bloemfontein Coffee Expo. Things are brewing in Bloemfontein and in the spirit of all of this, I went to visit the 4 Roasteries, which roast to sell coffee beans and ground, but also to serve coffee in their shops, in Bloemfontein. Each of these Roasteries’ owners has a deep love affair with coffee, they all serve good coffee and each has their own unique scene that is worthy of being explored.

Stereo Café

Stereo Cafe OutsideFirst on my list, as this is the company that started the roasting revolution in Bloemfontein. It is owned and managed by James Kilbourn. James first started roasting coffee in 2011 and Stereo Café officially opened their doors in 2014. They have since grown to move to bigger premises with a garden and much more space. Behind the coffee counter, the shelves are adorned with all kinds of coffee brewing and bean grinding devices that you did not even know exists. When visiting this shop located in Westdene, it is always remarkable how everyone seems to know someone else in the shop. It is a meeting place for many from business meetings to friends and solo visitors catching up on work and taking a break from their day.

Stereo Cafe James

What makes Stereo café unique? Definitely, the quality of the coffee that is roasted in a way that will make you experience coffee in all its versatility, which is exactly what James is aiming for, to give a unique, broadened coffee experience and education of the coffee culture. James purist passion for coffee and his knowledge is on a next level and it certainly shows in his coffees. The location also sets this Roaster apart from the rest. It is only one located in Westdene, Bloemfontein.

What should I order here with my coffee? The menu’s main focus is coffee, there are only a few items to order on the side, but my favourite item on the menu to have with my coffee would have to be the scrumptious Basil-and-Mozzarella Panini.

Royal Roastery

Royal Roastery1

The next in line to join the roasting community were Royal Roastery. This company owned by 4 friends started roasting in 2015. I met one of the owners Ruan Immelman in their lovely restaurant in Langenhoven Park. This restaurant seems to be always busy and the very inviting décor is unique to the Bloemfontein scene. The coffee roaster is also placed visibly inside the restaurant, which creates a lovely atmosphere, especially on roasting days where you can experience the roasting first hand.

Royal Roasters koffie

What makes Royal Roastery unique? Firstly, the lovely restaurant with a very well developed menu. You can certainly visit Royal Roasteries, whether you drink coffee or not, but it is a pleasure for a coffee drinker indeed. Ruan says Royal Roastery aims to serve single origin coffee while happily educating their visitors on the know-how of coffee.

What should I order here with my coffee: The dark Chocolate truffles are divine and pair well with their coffee.

Bloemfontein Coffee Roasting Company

Boemfontein Koffie Roasters 2

In the same year, 2015, Adriaan and Inge Botha also started roasting coffee in Bloemfontein, their passion for coffee coming long since. Before they opened their shop, also located in Langenhoven Park, I have visited their house on an occasion or two to buy coffee and they gladly served me a cup of coffee from their home. They serve a variety of dishes on their menu. The shop’s layout is simple but pretty and their roaster is also clearly visible. Roasting can be viewed from behind a glass screen in a setup that is pleasing to the eye.

The Roaster

What makes Bloemfontein coffee roasting company unique? Either Adriaan or Inge is almost always there for a quick chat and willingness to explain things. I have experienced an impromptu Latte art demonstration by Adriaan and recently also learned about coffee “cupping” to taste test. Also not to be missed are the delightful homemade cakes of which most of them are baked by Inge herself. When chatting with Adriaan he also mentioned their wide selection of different coffees, they currently have different coffees available and are working on even more new ones.

What should I order here with my coffee: Cake, definitely cake… If it is available, Inge bakes a kiddies cupcake with chocolate topping and decorated with jellybeans, it is out of this world.

Faba Coffee Roastery


Brother and sister, Gerard and Sonique are the newest and youngest roasters on the scene. They have been roasting and selling coffee at the Boeremark for exactly a year and have opened their doors to their very own coffee shop this past Saturday the 11th of August. This makes it the third official Roaster to pop up in Langenhoven Park.  I visited their shop on opening day. It is currently very plain with a simple serving window in an outdoor area and wooden tables spread next to a pool, but the venue has a lot of potential. With an emerging art gallery as neighbour and plans for a boma, I can see this developing in a viby student-hangout as well as a lovely venue for all ages.

Faba Roastery

What makes Faba Roastery unique? Gerard and Sonique are 24 and 21 years old and both are still studying. These young entrepreneurs are sure to bring a very different feel to the coffee roasting act in Bloemfontein. Gerard and Sonique also specifically went out to bring in beans from origins that are unique haven’t previously been provided in Bloemfontein by any of the other roasters.

What should I order here with my coffee: They have an arrangement of muffins available to enjoy with your coffee.

»» To conclude, if you love drinking coffee and you live in Bloemfontein, but your Arabica supply still comes from the supermarket, it is time to awaken your senses to the Bloemfontein Coffee Extravaganza, speaking of which, this coming Saturday, 18 August 2018 there will be a coffee Extravaganza which will be the perfect place to educate yourself on the coffee division of the city of Roses. Link: Bloemfontein Coffee Extravaganza. ««

Thanks to the sponsorship of the lovely owners of all four of these companies, I was able to compile a superb coffee giveaway. Head over to my Facebook Page (link) or Instagram (link) account to enter the competition. 

You simply need to either like the Facebook page or follow the Instagram account and tag one Bloemfontein friend in the competition post comments to enter.

The competition will close on Thursday 16 August at 18:00 and the draw will take place on Friday by means of an electronic draw on 

The prize consists of the following:

-Two entry tickets to the Coffee Extravaganza sponsored by James Kilbourn from Stereo Café.

– Drinks of your choice (1 each) at Stereo Café for two people also sponsored by James Kilbourn.

– A coffee experience (Eg. Coffee pairing at their shop) as well as a coffee of your choice (1 each) for two people at Royal Roastery, sponsored by Ruan from Royal Roastery.

– A packet of Espresso blend coffee Beans from Bloemfontein Coffee Roasters sponsored by Adriaan and Inge, from Bloemfontein Coffee Roasting Company, as well as a drink of your choice for two people (1 each) at their restaurant.

– A packet of their rare Cameroon Coffee beans sponsored by Gerard and Sonique from Faba Roasteries.

Please only enter the competition if you will be able to make it to the Bloemfontein Coffee Extravaganza on Saturday (Details in the link above) and be available to collect the additional prizes in Bloemfontein.

Competition rules:

  • You may only enter the competition if you are able and willing to attend the Coffee Extravaganza on Saturday 18 May 2018 and are able to collect your prizes in Bloemfontein by means of your own transport and at your own cost.
  • All prizes apart from the Coffee Extravaganza are only valid for a month from the date of being announced.
  • cannot be held liable or responsible for the prizes sponsored that will be transferred by the abovementioned companies.
  • The prize is non-transferable,non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash.









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