Country People – Meet Janine Joubert from Jeffreysbay, Eastern Cape

Meet Janine Joubert, mother of two and wildlife videographer. 
I met Janine a couple of years ago when she visited the previous farm where my husband and I were working and really enjoyed her bubbly personality and her love for the wildlife on this beautiful continent we live on.
Where do you work and live?
We live in Jeffreysbay in the Eastern Cape but are fortunate enough to work and film safaris all over South Africa and even in African Countries like Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia etc.
Tell us a bit about yourself? Your life story, how did you end up where you are now? 
I Studied Tourism in Potchefstroom and my first job was as a lodge manager on a private game reserve but I always wanted to work outside; I just wasn’t sure what exactly!
While working there, there was a film crew on the reserve making a documentary and that sparked my interest! I bought my first camera and started to play around. My Boyfriend (now husband) was a freelance Safari Guide so I accompanied him on his trips when I was off, and filmed some safaris.
 Even though I didn’t know anything about filming, I was hooked! Here I was “working” outdoors, now I just have to get paid!
So I resigned, taking a leap of faith, and we started a Safari filming company, offering personalised safari videos to clients and Marketing videos to Game Reserves.  It took off and we now have 4 people employed filming and editing safaris, wildlife for game auctions and promotional material for lodges on a permanent basis.
Then In 2015, we started a big project – filming a series on a Game Reserve- following the wildlife team around on their daily routine.  Everything from darting and moving elephants up to stopping veld fires and running with the anti-poaching team. My dream came true and I loved every minute!
What is your favourite part of working and living where you are? 
Everything! When your job is your hobby- you never work a day in your life. I even like the editing now!
Waking up at sunrise and being outdoors till sunset – nothing is ever the same. And now….sharing it with my kids. What a privilege.
You recently started a Youtube Channel, what is all about and what can we expect to see on there?
While busy filming on the Game Reserve I fell pregnant and my little boy Johan was born October 2016 – my life changed! Instead of travelling through Africa more than 120 days a year I now only travelled to the supermarket and back!
It was super frustrating and I was now stuck editing instead of filming! Even though I won’t change a thing – it was challenging!
The first 6 months were rough but fortunately, when Johan got older he could go with me on short little filming excursions and he just loved it!
One of his first words was “cheetah” and I knew this little boy is meant to be outside!
My father in law is also a wildlife veterinarian so we go to visit them often and here he gets to see more animals than he can imagine!
I started to film some of his interactions with wildlife- one of my friends saw such a video and said: “let’s start Conservation Kidz”.
So here we are…….doing that!
Any interesting story you would like to share?
We are compelled to create awareness about the threatened species on the planet because we want to protect them. It really hits home when we watch our children interact with these animals. It is scary to think that these animals might not be around when our young ones reach adulthood. I hope that in a way I can make a change and create awareness. My children taught me to see things for the first time again. Our planet is amazing form the smallest ant to the biggest elephant.
Any additional thoughts?
The Earth has music for those who listen and if your heart beats with that same rhythm you are unstoppable. Don’t ever think it is ” Not Possible”.
Only YOU can Follow your dream- nobody else.  Work hard but play harder! Or even better Play while you work!


You can follow Janine on the following pages:

Instagram: janinejoubert04
Facebook/ Facebook page: Tracks Multimedia

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