Review of Quinta Santo Antonio – Lindela, Mozambique

On a recent trip, coming back from South Africa to Mozambique, we needed a place to stay over for the night. We weren’t exactly sure what time we will be through the border, so we didn’t book anything. We did have a few options in mind which we found through recommendations by friends and cross-checked on the Drive-Moz Accommodation list.

We eventually settled on Quinta Santo Antonio, Lindela. It is situated on the EN1 basically where the road splits to go either to Inhambane or Maxixe. See Map

I thought it would be good to just write a short review for those wanting to stay over and would like to know what to expect.

A quick phone call and our accommodation and dinner were booked. You can have dinner here, but you need to pre-book as they are only open on request.

On arrival, we were given the option to choose between two rooms. We are a family of three, me, my husband and our 2-year-old daughter. We chose a room that had a bath and all the beds had mosquito nets. The room was clean and towels were provided. The bathroom carpet was slightly frayed, but other than that, everything in the rooms was fine. There is a small fridge in the room, which came in handy so we could pack our leftover “padkos” and milk into the fridge. There is also a television in the room, a kettle with cups and glasses in the room and thankfully an air conditioner.

The garden area was very welcome and refreshing after a long days drive. Especially for my daughter, who had more than enough of being fastened into her car seat. She could run a bit while it was still light and look at the animals in the yard. There is a small swimming pool to cool down, but as it just rained just before and we arrived at dusk, we did not make use of the swimming pool.

We had dinner at 7pm. My daughter who by this time of the day had an overload of energy that she needed to get rid off was excitedly shouting at a duck that was waddling around in the dining room. The owners, as well as another couple, (coastal lodge owners) whom they seemed to know well, joined us for dinner.

Dinner was just what we needed after a day of driving. I would describe it as a fast-food-meets-homecooked meal. We had pork chops, which were crumbed and I presume deep-fried and there were quite a variety of sides that went with it vegetables, salad, rice, chips and some deep fried potato bites. We enjoyed our meal and felt that it was fairly priced.

We left early the next morning, but most importantly, we had a good night’s rest and there was no traffic or noisy neighbours bothering us. We were refreshed and ready to tackle the next section of the road.

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