Tuesday Trailcam Takes – Bush Pigs, A first for my camera

This weeks trailcam update is only in images. The camera was set on hybrid-mode, which is meant to take images and videos. I assume, because the batteries were flat it only took images.

I put the camera out at one of the pans on the farm, no that there is finally water. It is a beautiful area and I also posted a picture on my Instagram of the pan. >>Pan on the farm  (If you are not following my Instagram yet, please do. I post updates on our life on an almost daily basis.)

Here are some of the pictures I found on my camera. My very first Bush Pigs, on the camera, that is. There is even a little one somewhere in the mix.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks update. Remember, we have a Facebook group with images from remote cameras all over Southern Africa. Come join the group if you want to find out what walking around behind our backs.

Trailcamming in Southern Africa


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