I am back with some exciting news!

We spent over 2 weeks away from the bush and it seems like in those two weeks, the winter has arrived in Mozambique.

The grass has dried out and the leaves have started falling. It cold isn’t the same as the Free State cold we are used too, but there is a definite chill in the air at night.  

Although I have been very quiet on my blog, there is something else that I have been busy with for a while now. I have written my very first children’s story book. I will reveal more soon, but for now I can tell you this!

The story is South African wildlife themed and whether you have kids or not, if you love the bush,  you are probably going to love this story book! I am blessed to have the illustrations for the book done by the very talented artist, Alex van Houwelingen. I am leaving with you this small taster that Alex has shared on his Instagram a while back.

On the blog side of things, you can once again join in on the fun of my blogs on Eco-aware Southern African Country Living. Also loads of great stories coming up and some surprises too!


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