Meet Edwin and Csilla-Joe Young from Young and Co adventures, Nelspruit

Edwin Young and his wife Csilla-Joe recently started Young and Co adventures. A platform from which they aim to teach children in and about their natural environment.

Tell us a bit more about yourselves: 

Edwin Young. I have been very blessed to have spent my whole life in the bush and have a family with strong roots in nature conservation.

My father was a wildlife vet and I was fortunate enough to have grown up in Kruger National Park. My mother is a Wildlife Artist and her passion for the great outdoors still shine as bright as ever.

I studied B-Tech Game Ranch Management under the Department of Nature Conservation and spent my adult life in some of the most pristine wilderness areas left in Africa in countries such as Botswana, Mozambique and Uganda. I have been involved with Nature Conservation on several levels including anti-poaching, wildlife research, eco-tourism and assisting with wildlife documentaries.

Csilla-Joe Abercrombie: I grew up in Mpumalanga as a young child and always loved farm life and nature.

I studied to become a Montessori teacher and have always had a deep love for children and a passion for educating them in a natural way. I also enjoy studying topics about nature and have learnt a lot from my husband Edwin. I planned and hosted family sports events in the Western Cape and have a passion for the outdoors, nature, healthy living and children.

I owned a Montessori pre-school in Paarl, Western Cape, named Seedlings@play. With the challenges brought on by Covid-19 lockdown restrictions I, unfortunately, had to close down my business. Currently, we live in a beautiful wooden cabin that we built on a farm near Nelspruit (Mbombela).

Not all those who wander are lost…

About the startup of Young and Co Adventures 

Young and Co Adventures was born when Edwin and Csilla, both adventurous souls, collaborated their skills and passion for children, education, adventure, nature and a life away from all the pressures of this world and society. They got married on 14 November 2021 and sought a lifestyle where they could collectively live out and share their passion with others.

What can kids and parents expect from your veld-school events?
We offer a combination of Veld School services including 5-Day Holiday Workshops, Teenage Camps and monthly workshops where children attend an afternoon per week.

Most of our outdoor school programmes are held in the Mara area, Nelspruit and we are thankful for the Frances Montessori Farm School for the use of their beautiful property. We also provide and assist with excursions for schools to destinations of interest such as Botanical Gardens, Game Farms and National Parks.
Children can expect to experience an in-depth study of nature during our veld schools. We cover a wide range of topics such as zoology, botany, geology, ethology, practical survival skills and much, much more. We have a set plan during our Veld Schools, however, we also let the bush guide us, and topics are discussed as they are discovered while out in the field. We can provide children who wish to pursue a career in nature conservation a realistic view of what to expect.
Parents can be at ease that we offer their children a high-quality experience and that we will make learning fun and interactive. At Young & Co Adventures we believe that children need to be exposed to a healthy natural environment and that access to technology during veld schools should be limited. We are passionate about children and believe it is a blessing to be able to teach them and share their joy during our adventures. We take the privilege to create a lasting impact and special memories for children seriously.

Anything else we can expect from Young & Co in the future? 

Apart from our veld schools, we are also planning Farm Schools, where children will learn more about subsistence farming. This would include activities such as planting vegetables, fishing, working with livestock such as milking goats, collecting chicken eggs etcetera. The focus of the exercise is self-sustainability.

Edwin and Csilla’s family values flow naturally into Young and Co’s adventures.

As a family, we value quality time and are always planning our next adventure. This is one of the main reasons we started veld schools. We believe more children need to reconnect with nature. We further believe that it is important for children to socialise in a healthy environment, especially when children are homeschooled and we help facilitate the process through fun activities such as “boeresport”, arts and craft and practical, hands-on, survival lessons.

Modern society moves at a rapid pace, especially with the technology available to us. Even children get caught up in the endless race and, as with adults, the reset button needs to be hit from time to time. It is important to allow oneself time to slow down, return to basics and enjoy the calmness that our beautiful natural environment can offer.

What does each of you do when you are not busy with Young & Co adventures? 

Csilla is a Montessori Primary School Teacher at Frances Montessori in the beautiful Mara Conservancy Crocodile Gorge. Edwin is a nature conservation consultant and assists with game reintroduction programs as well as security plans relating to anti-poaching.

You can follow Edwin and Csilla and the Young and Co Aventures journey on the following Facebook Page:

Young and Co Adventures Facebook

Contact Edwin and Csilla-Joe

  • WhatsApp number: +27 71 618 1257
  • WhatsApp number: +27 66 506 1863
  • E-mail:

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