15 ways to incorporate country living in your city life.

Country living is a lifestyle and a feeling and you can create a life that makes you happy and feels peaceful, wherever you are.

Here are some ideas:

1. Grow your own vegetables.

2. Get a bird feeder, nothing says country like the friendly chirping of birds to wake you up.

3. Get a water feature. Even a bucket or bowl with water in the garden will attract some animal life.

4. Visit a fresh produce market, there are so many lovely options available. Hit the internet and check your area out.

5. Cook a meal from scratch, jip, everything raw and unprocessed.

6. Make your own compost

7. Spend time with your loved ones. We are in love with the idea of a slow life in the country, because we will get time to do what we love and spend time with who we love. Make the time wherever you are.

8. Plant more indigenous trees and/or more fruit trees in your garden.

9. Visit a natural area regularly, whether a its a park, field, forest or a nature reserve get some green in your life.

10. Do your shopping in a woven basket or a cloth bag. Natural products feel so luxury and earthy and besides, you’re doing us all a favour to ditch the plastic bag.

11. If you have a garden, get your own laying hens for fresh eggs. They really don’t take that much maintenance. And you can also feed them your vegetable scraps. You don’t need a rooster for your eggs to lay eggs and you might want to leave him out of the deal as his early morning might upset your neighbours.

12. Plant more trees, if your own garden is too small consider donating trees to schools, old age homes, parks or anyone with a place to plant it.

13. Watch the sunrise, sunset or both, every once in a while. The break of day and the glorious end of it is beautiful everywhere.

14. Spend time outside. With the South African winter that sneaked up on us there is usually still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Do it as much as possible.

15. Stop and smell the roses. Make this your slogan. Nothing says country-life, like stopping and taking  a deep breathe to appreciate the beauty in life.


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