Grounded at Echo – A coffee experience in an unlikely place.

I grew up in Pretoria, in the Moot to be specific and what I love so much about this part of Pretoria, is that it doesn’t feel like the big city. Even though you can see the city and its tall buildings from my parent’s house, a visit to the local shopping centre feels like a small town centre. Friendly greetings here and there and maybe even skillfully avoiding some others.

On a recent visit to the city, my sister took me to a little coffee shop in the Moot. As we are driving, she is giving directions and I am thinking, where on earth are we going, this street doesn’t look too promising to me? But then we turn into a parking area and I can already see the inviting outside of this little coffee shop.

The service is friendly and the coffee arrives in colourful blue mugs with tiny gingerbread-man cookies, which my daughter devoured promptly. The place inside has a lot to look at and I certainly took my time doing just that.

The corner couch on which we are sitting consists of wooden pallets that have been built into a little bookshelf and pillows on top to make it a couch. The finished effect is so cosy, inspiring and pin-worthy. Behind us, against the wall are the tiniest artworks neatly pegged on a line. The coffee, by the way, is divine and we decide to order lunch from their harvest table.




We both just took the salad from the harvest table, there were heartier options, but the salad looked delicious and we decided that will be more than enough for us. A friendly waiter also helped with a converter plug for my cell phone charger as I was having battery problems from navigating all morning. (Yes, I am a farm girl now, I get lost in the city all the time. )

As we ate and chatted, I took in every little detail of the coffee shop. The blackboards, the yellow work table, the stylish displays and the unique seating layout is soothing on the eyes. All-in-all I love this place. I will definitely visit again when I have the chance. I think there is a lot more to this place than what I am aware of, so I am adding the link to their website down below so you can explore for yourself.


If you live in Pretoria and you haven’t been, you are missing out. If you are planning a visit to the city of Jacarandas, do yourself a favour and have a coffee here.






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