Introduction to our New Home in the Govuro District, Mozambique

DSC_0025Our boxes are unpacked and I finally have time to share with you are new home!

My husband has accepted a position to manage a cattle farm here in Mozambique and the opportunity came as an answered prayer for our family.

It will be a different life to what we are used to in some ways and a big adventure for sure. Our house is on a farm in the middle of the bush with only a small village here and there. We are living in the Govuro District, Inhambane Province, Mozambique. Our closest town is Inhassoro, a coastal town, almost an hour and a half’s drive away that is mostly dirt road. I have only been to Inhassoro once and hope to have some time to explore there soon.

The farm we are on has the most beautiful natural vegetation, even though it is the end of winter and a lot of trees have only just- or still need to grow new leaves. The trees are massive, compared to what we are used to and it is strange to drive around and see loads of Baobab, Sausage and Marula trees. It is only the start of summer, but it feels like Mid-summer in the Free-State, South Africa. We have had some high temperatures in the past two weeks, up to 40°C. The birdlife is out of this world. I have already seen a few of my favourites like Purple Crested Turaco, Trumpeter Hornbill and Crested Guineafowl and a few new species. At night we hear Owls, Fruit bats and sometimes Bushbabies. Mammal life seems to be a lot less than what it could be, but I can’t wait to put out my trail cam so I can see what species there are, that we don’t see.

We are off the grid with a solar system for our house and water pumping system, a donkey boiler for our hot water and a gas stove and oven. All my appliances had to stay in South Africa. (Think, dishwasher, espresso maker, blender, toaster, microwave etc.) I am thankful that we have wi-fi here. Buying food and fresh produce is surely going to be very different and I would love it if I would be able to grow our the bulk of our vegetable-needs in the garden here. I already have started planting, but it will take time to see what will work in this extreme heat.

I am looking forward to sharing the journey of our new adventure with you.



22 thoughts on “Introduction to our New Home in the Govuro District, Mozambique

  1. Beautiful where you are! Also the coastal areas, Inhasorro and Pomene in particular. Gas freezers if you have not got them! You will need to store lots of stuff to avoid regular, long trips to town.

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    1. I can’t wait to explore the coastal areas, but the bush is amazing. We actually unknowingly purchased a fridge December that is very low on energy and therefore thankfully could come with. We also bought a Bosch Freezer AAA(or something like that) and it also works on the solar. We won’t survive without that.


  2. Wow dit is geweldig!!!
    Ik hoop dat we ooit naar jullie toe kunnen komen! Het lijkt mij fantastisch jullie te zien in een hele andere wereld…
    Liefs je niggie Tineke

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