What is birding like in Govuro, Mozambique?

The single biggest thing I have looked forward to when we decided we are moving here is the birding. I couldn’t wait to see what I would find here. It has definitely hasn’t disappointed.  It has been amazing so far. Obviously also since most of my birding was done in the Free State, South Africa, for the past couple of years. So almost everything is different. 

I like to record my birding on Birdlasser.

On sending my very first cards in, I got quite a shock as I got an inbox full of out of range cards (a report that states a bird is out of its known range). That is because during SABAP1 (A bird-atlas project that took place between 1987 to 1991) there was no data recorded for this area.  

How exciting to bird in an area with such little data available. I am still hoping to find a rarity, hopefully, one day… 

In the meantime, I am just enjoying ticking lifers and seeing some of my all-time favourites. 

I am adding a random gallery below of some of the birds I saw.  

Lizard Buzzard, because it struck a nice pose. 

4 thoughts on “What is birding like in Govuro, Mozambique?

  1. Fantastic Liza! Great list of birds to add to your life-list! I have two lifers there that would make me really happy! Mangrove Kingfisher and Racket-tailed roller!

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