Trailcam – I found the owner of these tracks.

Dirty Crocs and a pair of mystery tracks. 

I found these tracks in the road and asked some experts what they think it is. Some suggested Caracal and Serval, but most were of opinion that it is Civet. I really wanted to see what it was, and I hoped that it was Serval… I would love to see Serval on the farm, or at least know they are here. 

First I tried to find a side game-track which I thought it would use, but no luck. In the end, I resorted to putting my trail-cam on the main farm road, where I saw the tracks for several days on the same path, going on for almost a kilometre. I don’t like putting my camera up where there could be more people-movement, however, it seems it blended in well.

The first night I had the camera up on this spot, I found the mystery animals tracks the next morning, on the road just out view of the camera. Frustrating.

I, however, decided not to move it but keep it there as I was sure it was going to walk the road again as it did before and I was right… African Civet. 

And the maker of the Mystery tracks is indeed the African Civet. 
Screen-grab of video, for those that are unable to watch the video.

18 thoughts on “Trailcam – I found the owner of these tracks.

  1. Mmm my previous comment disappeared… let’s try that again..;-)

    Wow, your trails cam certainly reveils some very interesting animals around the house! It must be very exciting to check the cam every morning!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha yes, that must have been frustrating! Glad you got it in the end!!
        Ah thank you! I will show steven all the comments when he is back from pta!! Xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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