Special Feature: Jean-Pierre Le Roux, Greater Kruger NP – Riding for Rhino’s

A 2022 update to this interview.

You may have landed on this article because of seeing JP Le Roux on Wild Earth. He is currently a registered Freelance guide for nature guiding, marine and adventure travel in South Africa as well as doing guide training and assessments of guides going into the industry.

JP has also recently started his own company, Inspirational Nature Guiding. A company focused on guiding, training, and consultancy.

He still cycles, runs, and eats healthily. In his free time, he loves hiking and researching new information to add to his industry knowledge. If you would like to follow him you can do so at the following social media links.

Website: Inspirational Nature Guiding

Facebook: Jean-Pierre Le Roux

Instagram: JP.Birdfocus

JP raised around R80 000 for the Black Rhino Guardianship Programme and Anti-poaching Technology with the Riding for Rhino Challenge mentioned in the original interview below. He would love to do a similar type of initiative to raise funds for vulture conservation, another cause close to his heart. If you would love to or are in the position to sponsor an event for Vulture Conservation South Africa or would like to talk to him with regards to a project, you can contact JP at jp.birdfocus@gmail.com

The original interview.

Jean Pierre Le Roux has been working within the safari industry as a Specialist Field Guide and is currently employed by Singita Lebombo in the Kruger National Park.

In February this year, he will be undertaking a massive challenge for a great cause. Over the course of 9 days, he aims to do a 1000km unassisted bicycle ride the length of the Garden Route in the Western Cape. He will start in Plettenberg Bay and end his journey in Cape Town. He will do this as a fundraising project for the Endangered Black Rhino.

“Through this ride, I aim to raise funds for projects that are of particular importance within the Kruger National Park.

The projects that will benefit from this fundraiser are The Black Rhino Guardianship Programme and Anti-Poaching Technology.

Find out more about Jean-Pierre

How did you end up where you are now?

I grew up in a then small town known as Gordons Bay, close by Cape Town. As I young boy I had the opportunity to play within the mountains and along the coast, and this is where my passion for nature started. As my curiosity for learning about the environment and how it works grew, my passion for both nature and people lead me to become a guide.

What inspired you to plan this route and fundraiser?

I have always been passionate about riding bicycles and after reading about the Cross-Cape Cycling Route, I decided to set myself a personal challenge to complete this route. I then decided that it would be rather selfish to complete such a ride purely as a challenge for oneself. I wanted to do more and started looking at worthy causes that I would like to support.  I asked myself which endangered animal species means the most to me and has impacted deeply on me as a guide over the last 19-years, time after time the answer came back as the Black Rhino.

Over the years I have had so many amazing experiences with these animals and at the same time as I was reflecting on these experiences, it saddened me to think how hard it has become to see and share these unique animals with others. 

What is the aim of the fundraiser, how will it benefit the above-mentioned projects?

Raising funds for camera traps to understand the movements & behaviour of the critically endangered Black Rhino, a species that has undergone a 90-96% decline in its population since the 1960s. Also raising funds for equipment needed by field rangers, with the focus on both GSM-enabled Camera Traps & FLIR night-vision monoculars.

Black Rhino. Picture: JP Le Roux.

If you wish to follow Jean-Pierre’s journey and receive regular updates on the ride you can follow him on the links below.

Facebook: Jean-Pierre Le Roux

Instagram: JP.Birdfocus

More About the Conservation Projects & Route:

Black Rhino Guardianship Programme:

The core of the project is to raise funds for around funding 120 camera traps to understand the movements & behaviour of the critically endangered Black Rhino, a species that has undergone a 90-96% decline in its population since the 1960s.


Anti-poaching Technology:

The core of the project is around gaining funding for equipment needed by field rangers. Even within flagship conservation areas rangers need equipment such as GSM-enabled Camera Traps & FLIR night-vision monocular


The Cross-Cape Cycling Route:

The route starts in the Garden Route town of Plettenberg Bay and coincides mostly with the Cross-Cape Cycling Route, which is a 750-km long route. I added an additional two days on the Cross-Cape Cycling Route to extend it to over a 1000 km journey ending off in Cape Town.



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