Tuesday Trailcam-Takes January 29 – See what I found this week!

It’s time for my weekly trailcam takes again and I have decided to put it up on the spot where I previously found the Aardvark. (See the post here>>https://countrylivingsa.blog/2019/01/08/tuesday-trailcam-takes-aardvark-a-trailcam-mammal-lifer/ )

It wasn’t raining this past week and I was curious to see whether this spot would deliver a lot of animals again because the water on the road definitely attracted some of the animals in the previous video.

I was so happy to find four mammals and most of all the Civet excited me. This is probably the best Civet footage I have gotten so far. I hope you enjoy the short video clip.

Thank you for watching and remember if you enjoy Trailcamming or Camera Trapping, you are welcome to join the Facebook group. Trailcamming in Southern Africa.


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