The Tortoises have finally awoken

Or maybe, I have only started seeing them now?

We have some tortoises that frequent our garden. I haven’t seen them since the previous summer.

The tortoises in our area, hibernate through winter and today, for the first time in months, I noticed one that walked straight into out little dam to drink water. And no, it’s not a terrapin, it walks on the rocks and doesn’t actually swim.

Maybe it also went in there for the freshly grown green grass. As you can see on these pictures, the surrounding grass is extremely dry.

I am so happy to see a tortoise. At least they are recognising the season as summer, even though I don’t feel it yet.

I am not completely sure what species of tortoise this is.  My husband and I have a wide collection of field guides between the two of  us, but it seems I missed out on this one. If anyone know what tortoise this is, please let me know.


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