Cheeseboards and Sparkling Wine

Today, with lunch we were celebrating with some guests. I packed a cheeseboard to go with the lunch, which is something I love doing.

Cheeseboards are like a work of art and colour. I like to add at least three different cheeses, but the more you add the better. Today I added a Roquefort, a Pecorini with a nutty flavour, a cheese called Kwaito with herbs, a spice route cheese with cinnamon and and American cheese with a Paprika flavour. It is good to have cheeses that vary from creamy and soft to hard.

Next up, something meaty. Todays option was a Warthog Salami.

Then some fresh or dried fruits. I like to choose colourful beautiful looking fruits. My choice for this one was strawberries.

I also added some cashews to the mix.

Some other things that could be good are fresh bread or crackers, a fruit preserve, a dip or a favourite in South Africa, sweet chilli sauce.

There is just something so elegant and lovely about presenting a cheeseboard. It immediately gives a different feel to the meal.

Enjoy. Liza

CheeseboardSparkling wine


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