Trail-cam Shenanigans

Last year I wrote about the Bat-eared Foxes of Bakoorvlakte. I have recently tried to find them again, especially now that it is winter again, and theoretically they should be more active in the day. I haven’t really had any luck myself to find them in day time, but my trail-cam did.

My husband gave me a Bushnell Trophy Cam for my birthday last year. (I asked for one, but I certainly wasn’t expecting a huge gift like that.) It is something I have wanted to play with for a very long time now. You can leave the camera somewhere, tied to a tree or pole and motion sensors triggers the camera to take pictures. This specific camera can take night-time pictures, but it has a white flash, which means the animals can see it. Which could explain some of the pictures I found on this last round, with animals staring at the camera and also a very interesting visitor.

On my last camera-stunt I tied it to a tree in a quieter area on the farm, quieter from human movement at least. There seemed to be a lovely game path and I hoped it would be the perfect spot to leave the camera. If I leave the camera in an area with lots of grass, the movement of the wind in the grass triggers the camera and I get hundreds of pictures of the grass moving. I can set the sensitivity on the sensor, but I am scared that I will miss animals if I do that. I am still playing around with the settings, but to get back to my story, this specific area has very little grass, so I hoped it was perfect. It turned out to be even better. This is the most animals I have captured in 24 hours. My daughter and I left the area at 16:05.

Me and my daughter leaving the scene
My daughter and I on our way back home.

An hour and a half later, the first one on the scene (that is besides some cattle) was none other than one of my beloved foxes.

An hour later, and it seems the fox brought some reinforcements.

On the same night the camera also captured some Scrubhare, a Small Spotted Genet, 2 Spotted Thick-Knees and a Common Duiker early morning.

I have to finish with my favourite pictures of the night, this Spotted Eagle Owl who came for a walkabout. My guess is that the bull that walked through slowly just before, triggered the camera flash for a long while, which in turn attracted some insects, which attracted the owl. If this wasn’t the case, I am not to sure what the owl was doing.


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