Welcome to Bakoorvlakte

Ziziphus MucronataThe time for new beginnings is now.

Welcome to the valley of sheep, lucerne, cattle and… Bat-eared foxes.

Less rocky outcrops, less mountains and more grassy plains and more agricultural farming, but still the country.

We moved to a farm where the main focus is sheep farming and lucerne under irrigation. There is also cattle and a small game ranch. The farm is situated in the district of Brandfort on the outskirts of Bloemfontein.

Shortly after arriving here we discovered that there are some resident Bat-eared foxes living on the farm. You cannot even imagine my excitement. We spent a week in the Kgalagadi National Park hoping to see this little critters. Although saw a lot of other fantastic things, the Bat-ears avoided us. And here they are, right on our doorstep. I am still struggling to get good pictures of them, but there is very blurry shot on my instagram feed. That is why I decided to call this farm Bakoorvlakte, which is Afrikaans for Bat-ear Valley. Of course there is a boring official name for this farm, but we won’t use that for the purpose of this blog.

Although I will miss the whole living on a game ranch thing, there is just something so very romantic about being a farmers wife and living in the country. And I am very much looking forward to all the country things there is to be done and enjoyed on Bakoorvlakte.

Newborn Lamb
a Peacock on the farm
Irrigation, such a pretty sight



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