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Tuesday Trailcam-Takes, Aardvark! A trailcam mammal-lifer.

I finally found an Aardvark, along with a bunch of other animals and I’ve compiled a video of my Trail-cam’s captures.


Trailcam Fun – My first trail-cam post from Mozambique.

When we first arrived, my husband and I weren’t sure what animals to expect here. We thought there won’t be much due to poverty and poaching. However, even though there definitely could be much more, we already saw way more than what we expected. I couldn’t wait to get my trail-cam out to see what lurks…

Trail-cam Shenanigans

Last year I wrote about the Bat-eared Foxes of Bakoorvlakte. I have recently tried to find them again, especially now that it is winter again, and theoretically they should be more active in the day. I haven’t really had any luck myself to find them in day time, but my trail-cam did. My husband gave…