A visit to Billfish Lodge, Inhassoro

On our first weekend of we took a trip to Inhassoro. My husband and I were both keen to go to the beach, as we haven’t been for a while. Friday afternoon, after work, we packed the car and were on our way. We were birdwatching. people watching and chatting as we drove and tried to keep my little Menina awake in her baby car chair, so she won’t be up all night.  The reality of we are living now only hit me when I opened my windows in town and smelt the salty air.

Inhasssoro Beach and Boat.jpg

We chose to spend our weekend at a place called Bill Fish Lodge, recommended by quite a few people, locals and even some South African contacts. I would love to introduce you to this gem of a place.

At first glance, Billfish made such an impression on us, that my husband said to me he hoped he heard the price right. We had a giggle and hoped for the best, but it is indeed very affordable.

This accommodation we booked was on a self-catering basis, but there was a lovely restaurant where you could eat as well.  If you do visit the restaurant for lunch, work in a little extra time, don’t expect fast food. The food was delicious, but the wait for it rather long. Bear in mind that the restaurant is quiet and chances are, they will have to start everything up to cook your meal. We enjoyed the owners, Flip and Carmen’s company and a lovely cold local beer, while we were waiting for our food.

The rooms were clean, basic and pleasing on the eye. There was enough space in our chalet for at least 10 people in 3 bedrooms and a loft area. The rooms have aircons and the loft area has large fans. All beds have mosquito nets.

The lounge area is has a lovely big dining table. The kitchen was well equipped and clean, the only thing bothering was that the gas stove had only one plate that was in working condition, but luckily we weren’t planning to cook elaborate meals. There are a fridge and a deep freeze in the house, with enough space to freeze fish if you were planning to fish here.  The veranda with its cushioned seats was a firm favourite for morning coffees and an after dinner chat and everything in between. In short, we spent a lot of time there as a family, chatting and relaxing. The braai area outside overlooks the ocean and there are outside dining tables on the lawn under the trees. We were provided with charcoal.

Take your own, matches, firelighters, plugs, anti mozzie repellent and amenities

Bath towels were provided but take your own beach towels.

There is Wi-Fi available at the restaurant; although it wasn’t always working… it is Africa after all.

The walk to the beach is a short walk down 93 steps down a staircase, if I remember correctly.

Inhassoro Beach.jpg

We loved relaxing here, enjoyed the swimming pool and walks on the beach and will definitely be back.



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