Country People – Meet Jaco Kruger, Plettenberg Bay

Meet Jaco Kruger Owner of Offshore Adventures, an entrepreneur with a passion for the ocean.
I briefly got to meet Jaco, last year August, when a mutual friend organised for me to go with on a seal diving experience. Unfortunately, the weather turned fast on that day and we also saw quite a few Great White Sharks, so we never got off the boat. I hope to return one day to experience the Seals face-to-face. I hope you enjoy his story and maybe you have already been with or have always dreamed of swimming with the seals.
Where do you live?
I live in Plettenberg Bay and own a company called Offshore Adventures. We offer swimming with seals, seal viewing tours, Free diving marine safaris and in winter we get to play with our sharkies on the seal and shark adventures. We offer various tours like Sardine run tours and get involved in Surfing event Water safety projects. We a one stop shop with great adventures and friendly crew. We even do SUP(Stand Up Paddle) and kayak rentals. We just love nature and the great outdoors.
 Tell us a bit about yourself? 
I’m originally from Pretoria. Studied B.Com Tourism management at TUKS. I moved to Plett on completion of my studies. Worked in the Diving industry and Whale and dolphin watching for 6 years as a Guide and skipper. In 2010 I started Offshore Adventures. Been part of Sea rescue station 14 since 2005 where I’m a class 3 coxswain and the training officer.
Offshore Adventures Plettenberg Bay
What is your favourite part of working and living where you are?

“I love the seals, best mammal human interaction.”

We have the best crew and working with the guides and seeing them grow is amazing every day.
My favourite part is seeing the clients facial expressions when they swimming with the seals. “
What does a typical day in your life look like?
Crossfit at 5:00 Then Sea Condition check for the morning. Then a busy day on the water. With the odd sea rescue call in between.
Any interesting stories?
We have been working at various surfing events and our Safety boat got caught on camera out-running a freak wave during the JBay Corona Open (World surf league event)  » Link For The Wave Incident



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