Trailcam Fun – My first trail-cam post from Mozambique.

When we first arrived, my husband and I weren’t sure what animals to expect here. We thought there won’t be much due to poverty and poaching. However, even though there definitely could be much more, we already saw way more than what we expected. I couldn’t wait to get my trail-cam out to see what lurks here when we aren’t looking.  I have placed it in a few different areas already and have had quite an outcome. 

The very first day I put it out, I photographed a Genet (not sure which one) and a Springhare. Unfortunately, I lost the memory card somewhere in the bush.  

I am inserting the gallery of the rest of the pictures below.

I saw baboons at every single spot I have placed my camera so far. There are loads of baboons here. 

The Nyala pictures above were at the same spot, but the camera was facing in different directions.

Below, this fat Civet was a lovely one to get pictures of. 

I am ending of this post with a lovely image of a Nyala bull. The seconds image, is an image on which I only saw what is happening going through my images a third time. It was quite dark and I managed to change the lighting on it. It shows two Nyala bulls displaying. They slowly pass each other while their manes are raised, it is truly something spectacular to see and I am really chuffed that my trail-cam caught this moment. 

4 thoughts on “Trailcam Fun – My first trail-cam post from Mozambique.

  1. Hi Liza!

    Wow that is amazing!! Looks like your trails cam is working a kot better than mine. Might have to invest in a new one, it is hardly picking up anything and won’t work on batteries anymore so got it on an extention on the gate. Haha!

    Glad you still have nice wildlife around! Xxx

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