After Cyclone Idai

Thank you to every single person who has reached out to us after Cyclone Idai, to find out if we are okay. We really appreciate your care. We are fine, we had a lot of rain here, around 200km south of Beira where Idai hit land, but nothing serious.

Many others are not fine, however. We first waited for Idai to hit and then there was radio silence for a few days, or so it seemed, as Beira was completely cut off from communications. Now that the news is finally coming through the stories on social media are heartbreaking. The areas affected are over Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Reports say that people are still sitting on top of roofs and in trees. There are too many people waiting for help and rescue operations are out doing everything that they can.

I am including a gallery of pictures of areas affected, that I took off social media to share with you.

As you can see the damages are quite extensive.

How can you help?

Please pray for these people affected and pray that no more lives may be lost.

There are many worthy rescue operations and many in need of funding. I would say that at this stage, the biggest need is to get people that are still in live-threatening situations to safety.

Below is a letter with details of the Aero club which needs funds for fuel to operate boats and helicopters for rescue operations to physically move people out of danger.

Here are a few other organisations that you can support financially to help, there are many more, but I have just listed a few to make it easier:

Iris Relief

Doctors without borders

Gift of the givers

Red Cross


UN Crisis relief


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