Tuesday Trailcam-takes: Trailcamera trial and error…

Putting out a trailcamera is a bit like gambling. You might put a lot of effort into where you put it and still not get the results you hope for.

The past two weeks I literally had to wipe out 1000’s of pictures of just the wind moving. I do set my camera on the most sensitive setting, because I have serious FOMO (Fear of missing out).

I knew we were in for quite a bit of rain with cyclone Idai that moved through Mozambique around 200km’s north of us, but I never got any shots of the rain (even though we had 110mm in 24 hours). The memory card was full before we even got to the rain. So I also missed any possible rainy weather animal activity that could have been happening on the stretch of road where I setup my camera. Luckily I did go and check it after the bulk of the rain and got a few snaps of animals on my new memory card. I found Civet, an animal which seems to be very abundant here, White-tailed Mongoose and a Large Spotted Genet. I set my camera on a setting called hybrid, which is supposed to take both video and images, but on all of the animals I only had images, so I am setting it back to video mode for now. Hopefully I will have some fresh video footage ready for you next week.


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