Tuesday Trailcam-Takes: Govuro Camera Trap update

It is time for my weekly trailcam update. I added a clip of two White-tailed mongoose which was recorded a while back, but somehow between memory cards it got lost and I refound it today. I love how you think the clip is over and suddenly another one appears! I went through my thousands of wind-triggered photos from the previous week and I found some pictures and a video of a Grey Duiker between them.

Another White-tailed mongoose makes me think that they are quite abundant here and then finishing off the weeks sightings with a Slender Mongoose.

Below is the video which I uploaded to my YouTube channel. Feel free to subscribe.

If you love Trail cameras, remote cameras, camera traps or whatever you want to call them, remember to join to our Facebook Group, Trailcamming in Southern Africa.


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