Tuesday Trailcam-takes – Serval!!! Govuro District, Mozambique

It is the very first time my Trailcam gets to take a Serval. If you have ever seen a person jumping up-and-down in the bush, that was me on Sunday morning when I went to check my camera. I knew that there should theoretically be Servals here, but this is the first one I captured in over 7 months.

Sadly, even though my camera was set on video mode, it only took images. I have no idea why? Would it do that if the memory card was too small or too full? My disappointment was huge because I had the Serval pushing its face into the camera and urinating in front of it. What cool videos that would have made!!

Just have a look at the lovely set of images captured. n

Let me investigate this thing…

I left my camera at the same spot, but with a clean and bigger memory card, but no more visitors when I checked this morning, maybe next week…

If you liked this story, you will love the Facebook group Trailcamming in South Africa, click on the link to join remember to answer the membership questions.


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