Tuesday Trailcam-takes, 6 August 2019

It is time for my weekly Trailcam update! I am astonished at the number of animals I found at this weeks camera. The camera, borrowed to me by Liaan Lategan, is still set-up at a Civet midden.

I loved the Spotted Eagle Owl, I haven’t really seen or heard one, since we moved in last year September. I have no idea what it was doing there on the ground?

There are a lot of animals moving past this area and it isn’t always clear whether they are just passing by or also using the midden.

I am ecstatic about the Serval-find. It is only the second Serval my camera have captured in 11 months. Here is the previous time. >> Serval on my camera-trap

Then lastly. I am super happy to have found a Civet with just one eye, because this makes it easy to identify it and to see how regularly it visits the midden.

I hope you enjoy this weeks footage in the video below. Which one is your favourite?


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Trailcam-takes, 6 August 2019

    1. Dit is vir my ook so. Hier is sekere boksoorte ook, maar hulle hou hulself maar skaars. Ons sien gereeld Njalas en my kamera neem soms duikers en Njalas af. Maar jy is reg, dit is oorwegend naglewe!

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  1. Wow some good clips here – so clear of the owl, civet and serval! I have seen Spotted Eagle Owls on foot on the ground foraging for insects, so perhaps this one was also looking for smaller prey on the ground.

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