Tuesday Trailcam-Takes, 3 cameras out!

It is time for a trailcam update again. This week I am lucky to have footage from 3 trailcameras.

My Bushnell Trophy Cam Aggresor on which I updated software and now it works much better than before, my borrowed cam from Liaan, the Wild Wonders of Southern Africa and a kind neighbour has lent my husband, Gustav, a brand new Moultrie A-20i. Gustav in turn said he will allow me to use the images captured in this camera.

The camera hasn’t been out for long, but look at this awesome image captured of some Crested Guineafowl.


I also have a few lovely captures on video, published on my YouTube channel, embedded below.

I hope you enjoy!


One thought on “Tuesday Trailcam-Takes, 3 cameras out!

  1. How wonderful to see Crested Guineafowl! I thoroughly enjoyed the video – it clearly shows how cautious the animals have to be as they move through the veld: definitely no blundering about the way we do in our home environment(s).


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