Trailcam-Takes, What lives in the hole?

My post is a day late, because I had trouble uploading the video of trailcam-footage to YouTube. I now rather uploaded the video to my Facebook Page.

I found a hole in the ground and wanted to know if it has permanent residents. I was aware of the hole since last year and when visiting it now, there weren’t any spiderwebs over the entrance and it still in a good shape, but there isn’t a very well defined pathway that leads there. There are also loads of leaves in the entrance, but then, the leaves are currently falling, so it’s difficult to say.

There are millipede remains in the hole which lead me to believe the African Civet regularly use the hole, but even though I saw it, I am still not sure it went inside this time.

I also found footage of a Genet, I think the Genet was just a passerby.

The Giant rats (Cricetomys gambianus) pictured at the end were used in Mozambique to deactivate landmines. They are clever enough to sniff them out, but small enough to not trigger them. Here is a Youtube video I found that explains how they were used.

Do these rats live here in the hole, or were they also just passing by? The one rat is the only animal I saw that physically went in the hole.

Finally the bats? Could it be that they also live in the hole?

Let me know what you think in the comments.


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