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Tuesday Trailcam-Takes: Mammal finds of the week and a 6 months mammal-sightings list, Govuro, Mozambique.

Weekly finds and a mammal list so far for the area.


Trailcam – What is this?

For this week I am uploading only one video, although I got some footage of a Civet, a Genet, a White-tailed Mongoose, a few hares and loads of baboons. I want to share this one with you. What do you think it is? Bush Baby? Tell me in the comments what you think?

Another cool Trailcam Visitor

Just a few pics of my latest trail-cam visitor. I put my camera out quite far from our house but left it there for just one night. Besides nearly 500 pictures of the wind blowing through the grass, it did capture this Large Spotted Genet.  Sadly, he or she never showed its faced properly. Hopefully,…

One Special Trailcam visitor.

I left my trail-cam at a spot close to our home in the bush. Probably less than 500 meters from my house. I wanted to see what animals are this close, but I also just left it out, because I was a little indecisive about where to put it. So I didn’t expect much.  There…

Trailcam Fun – My first trail-cam post from Mozambique.

When we first arrived, my husband and I weren’t sure what animals to expect here. We thought there won’t be much due to poverty and poaching. However, even though there definitely could be much more, we already saw way more than what we expected. I couldn’t wait to get my trail-cam out to see what lurks…