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I would like to share with you, one of my very favourite places to go to eat lunch and relax and shop. The Constantia Farm Stall.

So, its almost time for the Cherry Festival. The official festival will be held in Ficksburg, but all around Ficksburg area things will start to happen as off the end of October to almost the the start of December to celebrate the arrival of our beloved cherries. So its the perfect time to plan a trip to the Eastern Free State.


Whether you are en route to the cherry festival, visiting Lesotho or maybe even Clarens, or for some or other reason in the area of Clocolan. This farm stall is a visit well worth your while.

It is situated on the R26 just outside Clocolan in the direction of Ficksburg. There is lovely shaded parking for the most part, and in the summer months you will most likely have a view of at least one sunflower field or some grazing cattle. The garden area around the farm stall is ever changing with the seasons as things gets constantly updated.

At the entrance there is a taster of Cherry Lemonade or Cherry cooler and even though I know the taste very well, I always taste.

Inside there is a wide variety of products, from house ware and gifts to toys, arts, clothing and off course lovely cherry products, like preserves and liqueur. In season you can also buy delicious fresh cherries.


The restaurant and tea garden serves a lovely varied menu and the setting is just so pretty, now also with the view of a small cherry orchard at the back. Don’t be surprised if  at your breakfast, lunch or teatime your table is joined by a Buff Orpington rooster or a duck, looking for a bite. There is also a beautiful play area for the kids.

The last time we visited, they were building a tasting room for cherry tours and tasting. I literally cannot wait to go back to see the end result. They also recently started serving some craft beers. Please remember that this is a farm stall and not a fast food restaurant, do not complain if you just needed a quick meal. You need time to take it all in. All good things take time.

Some of my favourite things on the menu are their breakfasts, the trout lunch and chicken burger and to drink, especially in summer, the cherry crushers.

Looking forward to my next visit.

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